Brad Wilson is being replaced

Brad Wilson, who was since 2005 General manager of the customer relationship management (CRM) business with the Microsoft Dynamics organization, is handing over his responsibilities to Dennis Michalis, who officially took over as general manager of the product line last week. The process began approximately 2 months ago.

Before joining Microsoft, he worked for Deloitte, Infor Global Solutions,  XALT Technologies, a Fujitsu subsidiary, PWC, etc. With more than 20 years of experience as manager, he describes himself as “leading companies and build teams that won’t accept anything other than growth, profitability and fanatical customer loyalty”. He believes that “the key to great business results is to get great people, then do cool stuff to maximize their motivation, performance and effectiveness once you have them in the door”.

Hopefully, he will do a great job for Dynamics CRM, and help the product get even more growth, recognition and attractive features.

Thanks to Brad Wilson for the great job he accomplished as GM for Dynamics CRM. He helped bring the product from version 1.2 to version 2011. As a reminder, when Brad joined the team in 2005, he is the person who decider to skip entirely version 2.0 and to move directly to version 3.0. At the time, when version 2.0 was almost ready, he decided to go further with the Web Services architecture, and to provide the ability to create new objects with no coding.

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