CK Editor and Rollup 15: problem

Apparently CRM 2011 UR15 has an impact on the way CRM fetches web resources from the server.
Since I installed it this morning, I get a JS error on my ckeditor enabled form, and a white area instead of my nice wysiwyg…
The console shows 404 errors, and CRM trying to get js and css files from the userdefined url, instead of webresources…

So what I did is :

  1. Delete all web resources related to ckeditor, as they are not necessary anymore
  2. Create a folder named by the organization in C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMCRMWeb
    1. If your org is “SalesForce”, then the folder is:┬áC:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMCRMWebSalesForce
  3. In there, create another folder called “userdefined”
  4. In there, copy all the ckeditor files (styles.css, config.js, all folders, everything)

Bingo, it works!

And the webresources are suddenly much less cluttered…

CR 2011: refresh grid – ur12

Since UR12 (update rollup 12), in CRM 2011, the crmGrid.refresh() function doesn’t exist anymore.

Here’s how to do it now: