CRM 2011/2013/2015 Easy Navigation Solution

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Easy Form Navigation Solution

We are happy and proud to introduce our “Easy Form Navigation” solution!
What does it do? Well, a couple of things:

  1. Add tabs back to the form, either on top of the form (CRM 4 like) or on the left (CRM 2011 like), or both
  2. Add left menu back to the form: links to related entities can be brought back!

The picture below shows the account form with all three options activated:

Account form with top tabs, left tabs and left navigation Account form with top tabs, left tabs and left navigation


An important element to underline is that the solution is entirely html/css/javascript based. There is no Silverlight and no plugin. So, let’s review all this in more details.

1. Installing the solution

Just import the solution. All this will do is to create web resources. No other customization is performed upon installation. The solution is unmanaged, so you are free to change everything you want.

All the web resources schema names are prefixed with llx_.

So here’s the web resources that will be created with this solution:

  • llx_jquery.js (javascript)
  • llx_form_easynav (html)

Solution Elements:

Solution Elements
Easy Form Navigation Solution Elements


2. Options of the solution

Now that the solution is installed, it can be manually adding the web resources to the forms of your choice.

The options of the web resource

  • Left navigation: displays the links to the related entities
  • Left tabs: displays the form tabs on the left
  • Top tabs: displays the form tabs on top

See the pictures below:

  • Left navigation:



  • Left tabs:


  • Top tabs:



3. Manually adding the webresource

Simply add the web resource the form header. Here are the parameters:

  • Visible by default
  • Custom parameters: you can choose to activate any of the three options here:     lefttabs=true&toptabs=true&leftnav=true


  • Select the number of columns to have full width
  • 2 rows
  • Scrolling: never
  • Uncheck Display border



4. Warning

This solution combines supported and totally unsupported techniques:

  • The left part (tabs and navigation) are displayed by accessing undocumented and actually quite hidden javascript objects
  • Html code is dynamically inserted on the form

So, keep the following in min:

  • The web resource could become useless, in which case we would release a new version, if possible. But the worst case scenario is that you’ll have to remove it from the form
  • So, while this solution has been successfully tested on online environments, please keep in mind that Microsoft could make updates that can break the solution.
  • This solution is sold “as-is”, with no warranty whatsoever that it will work. It uses unsupported techniques and it can break your system. Use it at your own risk. Leolix will not take responsability for any damage that would be caused by using any of its products. Make sure an experienced Dynamics CRM expert uses it.