CRM 2016 & Server Side Synchronization: How to prevent meeting requests (invites) to be sent

Well, there are actually 2 ways to do that.

  1. The first “way” is a workaround. As adviced by Microsoft, use the regarding field for your attendees, and simply stop using the (required and optional) attendees fields. This is of course not always acceptable.
  2. The serious way: create an Exchange transport (mail flow) rule. This rule can be designed as follows. For messages where:
    • The recipient is located Outside the organization (ToUserScope = NotInOrganization )
    • The message type is Calendaring (MessageType = Calendaring)
    • The subject contains “DONOTSENDINVITE” (for example)
    • => Delete the message

Such a rule is quite easy to create and to manage. Of course, you then create a dependency on Exchange, but it’s quite effective.

The fact is that Exchange actually sends the invites by default, so we need a way to stop that. And the Exchange rules do not cover many fields that are common to both Echange and CRM.