Connecting Power BI Desktop to Dynamics 365 Online: API Version

When trying to connect Power BI Desktop to Dynamics 365, I went in Dynamics 365, customizations, developer resources, and copied the Instance Web API – Service Root URL: ,

After pasting that in Power BI Desktop, I encountered the following error:

“OData: The feed’s metadata document appears to be invalid”

The way I found to fix this error was to adapt the Web API url to the following:

thus replacing 9.0 to 8.2 in order to target the previous version. It would seem the latest version is not yet supported by Power BI…

And it’s the case, as explained here.

“Currently, the Power BI service isn’t compatible with the Dynamics 365 (online) version 9.0 OData endpoint. When you try to use the version 9.0 OData endpoint with the Power BI service the error message “The feed’s metadata document appears to be invalid” is displayed. To work around this incompatibility, use the Dynamics 365 (online) version 8.2 OData endpoint.For more information about the different endpoint versions, see Web API URL and versions.”

How to reinstall the Dynamics 365 Outlook App After Removing It


Recently I was testing the Outlook App. One of my tests was to remove it completely. To do that, I opened the settings in Office 365, clicked “Mail” at the bottom, then expanded “General” and clicked “Manage  add-ins”. This opens this page:

Note: this is the same page that is reached when you open the Outlook Client (2016 for example) and click File and Manage add-ins.
Note: this is different from clicking Options in Office 365 then clicking directly the “Manage add-ins” on the right. This opens the market place. You can see the Dynamics 365 add-in there by clicking “My add-ins”.


Manage add-ins
Manage add-ins in Office 365

From there, you have 2 options:

  • Uncheck the “Turned on” box. That is easy to reset.
  • Click the Minus “-” button. This will remove the add-in completely (as will the Uninstall button from the “My add-ins” page mentioned above).

Now, from there, the question arises: how to reinstall the add-in? The problem is that in CRM, in the settings related to the Outlook App, the user will still show as “Added to Outlook”. You can always click the button “ADD APP FOR ALL ELIGIBLE USERS” again and again, it will not reinstall the app… I tried to deactivate/reactivate the mailbox, and other things, nothing worked.

So… The answer was finally quite simple! In Dynamics, click the gear button on the top right. There, click on “Apps for Dynamics 365”.

Apps For Dynamics 365
Apps For Dynamics 365

Notice under “Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook”, the green checkbox “Already added to your Outlook”, and next to it the link “Re-add the app”. How beautiful is that link! You need to click it. It will re-add the app to all the eligible users who removed it.