CRM online update schedule change: 2 per year

AS explained in a blog post yesterday, Microsoft is now going to make 2 major releases per year, 1 in April and 1 in October.

We are transforming how we do service updates for Dynamics 365 (online). We will deliver two major releases per year – April and October – offering new capabilities and functionality. These updates will be backward compatible so your apps and customizations will continue to work post update. New features with major, disruptive changes to the user experience are off by default. This means administrators will be able to first test before enabling these features for their organization.

In addition to the two major updates, they will continue to deploy regular performance and reliability improvement updates throughout the year. Also, release notes will be published months prior to each major update to help you plan for the new capabilities. The release notes for the October 2018 update will be published on July 23.

Starting with the April 2019 update, you can validate major updates in a sandbox environment in advance of the update release. This will help you assess productivity and efficiency gains of the new capabilities, as well as train your end users about new capabilities. We will publish the timeline of when to expect updates in sandbox environments in advance.


Error when exporting unmanaged solution: Business Process Error, Invalid Business Process

Tonight when trying to export a solution, I received the following error: Business Process Error, Invalid Business Process. The blue link “Show technical details” did nothing.

The reason was that I had use dthe “Save as” button on a business process to create a backup. That backup was never activated, it always stayed in draft mode. Simply removing that process from the solution allowed me to export that solution successfully!


Issue in editable grids: You must enter a number between -1000000 and 1000000

Last week, around June 30 2018, this bug showed up from nowhere. It’s thus a problem in editable grids, related to currency numbers apparently.

After searching the web and finding nothing, I reached the conclusion that it was a Microsoft bug… not always easy to convince the customers though. However, since this bug is online and showed up right after the update to Dynamics 365 Version 1612 (

This is the link to the page describing the update in question, service update 14 for Dyamics 365 8.2.2.

And, on July 2nd, a new thread appeared on discussing the issue, only confirming it.

So as you can see, the only thing to do here is open a ticket to Microsoft support, and wait…
I hope they react quickly as for many customers, this is a show stopper for editable grids.