Issue in editable grids: You must enter a number between -1000000 and 1000000

Last week, around June 30 2018, this bug showed up from nowhere. It’s thus a problem in editable grids, related to currency numbers apparently.

After searching the web and finding nothing, I reached the conclusion that it was a Microsoft bug… not always easy to convince the customers though. However, since this bug is online and showed up right after the update to¬†Dynamics 365¬†Version 1612 (

This is the link to the page describing the update in question, service update 14 for Dyamics 365 8.2.2.

And, on July 2nd, a new thread appeared on discussing the issue, only confirming it.

So as you can see, the only thing to do here is open a ticket to Microsoft support, and wait…
I hope they react quickly as for many customers, this is a show stopper for editable grids.